( with apologies if this is TMI for anyone here but it had to be written!)
I cannot help but notice
that after 7 years,
removal this week
of my iud coil
has created a feeling of flow
of feeling connected from top to toe
of wonderful creativity and ideas
and enablement
and stepping into my magnificence
with absolutely nothing
getting in my way.
( except, from time to time , myself
and I am working on that)

Has anyone else noticed this happen to them?


The sound of my kettle boiling.

Reflecting on how sounds as well as smells and tastes and visual delights can evoke memories and create stability.

When I was away from home at the Lake retreat recently, there were two coffee machines on the go constantly and I savoured the aroma and taste , and the delight of new routines, taking my coffee down to the dock and saying Good Morning to the lake.And as the days went by, I remembered that I am a morning tea girl , and I boiled the kettle and made tea. I realised that the sound of a kettle boiling took me home, and the first morning I woke up back at home, I wrote these words.


The sound of my kettle boiling
Brings comfort, joy and ease.


My home

My kitchen

My kettle
My new day

Grounding in this moment.

To see ourselves as others see us

Sunset Lodge


In the recent Community Grace course with Hannah Marcotti, we were inspired to gather words of love, of praise , from others. This is something that did not feel easy to do, and I wasn’t ready then.

Today I am taking a deep breath and choosing to share beautiful words of love gifted to me on the last night of our retreat to Lake Damariscotta, Maine ( which I will share more of in due course)

‘you cannot fully appreciate what you are taking in unless somewhere you are also sharing this energy with others’ http://www.robinhallett.com/intuitive-healing/do-you-receive-what-you-give/

I feel now it is time to shine my light, let my light shine.
I realise that I am ready now to publicly receive these words, and to say thank you.

Thank you sisters. I am so filled by these words, and ready to share from my heart.

She said –

You and your magic hands, and food, and your comfort, you are true magic walking.
You are the lake to me, holding all of me. Allowing me to submerge myself in you has been my biggest comfort here
You are love
Your spirit is so free
You bring your whole heart
You are such a bright light
Thank you for nourishing our souls and our tummies
You are living life to the fullest, I learn so much from you
Open heart, pure love,beautiful light
Inspirational,kind,beacon of happpiness, healing touch and hugger of my dreams
Pure magic
A sweet wind from across the shore
Your bright spirit, your open heart
Wise, nourishing , shining soul
Magic Mary – you grow from your soul
You are all I want to be as a woman – spirit warrior, beautiful, brave and free, kind and giving
Thank you for your Joy, your presence,your humour, your nourishment and your example
Being with you feels like a miracle
Abundant joy
Mary, you are happiness embodied, and you spread it so generously.
You are such a bright light in my life.
Brave, bold, hilarious, soft, loving , caring.
We should all be as brave and untethered as you are, keep flying love.

Making Happy Soup in the kitchen at Sunset Lodge, Lake Damariscotta, ME


IMG_0349Yesterday, a friend gifted me a David Whyte book of poetry ‘Fire in the Earth, after her visit to his weekend at Kripalu. He signed it, – To Mary – for the Fire in You.


This morning, I have been lost in his words, and wanted to share this excerpt from his poem Millennium.

The great sea
And the still ship of your own becoming…

As you look
not only at the angry sea
of what you have denied
near at hand,
in the centre of your body,

the rose-fire
of the compass
with direction.

To all of us, as we tune in to the rose-fire of our compass ❤

( holding that phrase close to my heart)

Pink rose

                       The tale of the pink rose is a story for another time.

Asking the question

Having been to and fro all week, with a big decision to make, last night I wrote the question down, named it, got it out of my head and onto paper. This morning I woke feeling calm and clear and with clarity. A knowing that I am enough, I can do this.

Ask the question, trust that the answer will present itself.

“I don’t get it,’ Caroline said, bemused. ‘She’s the only one with wings. Why is that?’
There were so many questions in life. You couldn’t ever have all the answers. But I knew this one.
It’s so she can fly,’ I said. Then I started to run.”
Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever

Act of kindness

I love the idea of offering a random act of kindness, and while I believe I am a kind person, I have never before been offered the opportunity to help a stranger out , as I did last weekend.

I was choosing a birthday card, and over heard a conversation at the till ahead of me – a man ,maybe in his late 30’s asked the girl at the till if she would take £8 instead of £10 for a gift of a little gold chain and a cross , in a blue presentation box. She was a little flustered and apologized and said that she couldn’t. He put it down and walked around the shop again. As I approached the till to pay for my card, he was just ahead of me, with the blue box and a card in his hand . He was 87 pence short and stepped back forlornly, as if unsure what to do next. I quickly said ‘ Could I get that for you? ‘ and gave him a £1 coin. He looked up, said ‘Thank you ma’am’, paid , and left the shop. The girl at the till thanked me, I paid for my card and went on my way, feeling very grateful, with a full and thankful heart that I had been able to make a difference to him.

Kindness is a gift to the receiver AND the giver – and is , after all, what makes the world go round.

‘There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.’ – Dalai Lama.