Name my Baby !

In 2015 Star Therapies will be offering Baby Massage. I have the practice doll and am to name it , dress it and develop a relationship with it. I knew I kept a few old baby clothes for a reason ! This wee vest is 26 years old.

I would like to welcome name suggestions , and at 12 GMT on Sunday Jan 4th 2015 I will put names in a hat , and IMG_0688 IMG_0687

will, if they wish, receive a free distance healing reiki session , at a mutually convenient time.

I don’t know yet if this is a boy or a girl – what do you think ? Who is it? Whoever it is – she /he and I will be spending some very relaxing times together in 2015.

Suggestions in comments below please.


Making space for my life

This week I set the intention to make space – declutter , and get organised in my multi purpose dining room/study/office.

During the year I have completed my studies with Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and taken several other courses – Indian head massage, MFR, massage for people living with cancer, and done studies /research into many subjects – alongside my beloved visioning, and this room had become full of piles of notes and books and while I pretty much knew where everything was, I suddenly felt the need to clear space . to make space to breathe and to create.

So, I took some time and stopped procrastinating and

I came into the room this morning and saw a clear table, and smiled – I now have space to create a festive table, to serve food at the table , which is my favourite thing to do, and so why have I eaten on my knee recently ?!

I can now set a place for myself, and for my family when they visit, and have space to gather around the table for conversation and laughter  I also had the thought that just maybe I have made space for one particular soul mate type person to eat at my table – there just wasn’t room before ! ( lightbulb moment 🙂 )

Best of all, my piano is no longer a shelf carrying the weight of my books and notes and things to do and a lot of dust.. I can begin to enjoy my Christmas cards as they arrive and maybe , just maybe, we will gather around the piano and sing Christmas carols


I have made space for my life, space to take deep breaths, space to say farewell and thank you to 2014 and space to move forward into 2015.

Where in your life can you make space? and what will you make space for ?

Releasing my light

release the light

At the weekend , I attended a workshop which is the first in a series called The Symphony of Life with Karolyne Quinn in Edinburgh. During it we practiced Qigong, self massage and meditation. During a guided healing meditation, I received the message ‘Release your light’.

So, I am writing this post and setting my intention that by the end of today I will have created and sent my first newsletter, and invited people to join my list.

I have been procrastinating about this and waiting for the perfect moment, and the perfect words.

That stops here, as in the words of poet David Whyte – Everything is waiting for me.

Everything is Waiting for You

Your great mistake is to act the drama
as if you were alone. As if life
were a progressive and cunning crime
with no witness to the tiny hidden
transgressions. To feel abandoned is to deny
the intimacy of your surroundings. Surely,
even you, at times, have felt the grand array;
the swelling presence, and the chorus, crowding
out your solo voice You must note
the way the soap dish enables you,
or the window latch grants you freedom.
Alertness is the hidden discipline of familiarity.
The stairs are your mentor of things
to come, the doors have always been there
to frighten you and invite you,
and the tiny speaker in the phone
is your dream-ladder to divinity.

Put down the weight of your aloneness and ease into
the conversation. The kettle is singing
even as it pours you a drink, the cooking pots
have left their arrogant aloofness and
seen the good in you at last. All the birds
and creatures of the world are unutterably
themselves. Everything is waiting for you.

— David Whyte
from Everything is Waiting for You
©2003 Many Rivers Press