Spirits of Joy, great Joy ( Oct 2012)

After years of giving,
I believe, on reflection
that this is when I began to learn to receive.

My fairly-new-friend Jo Young
Who I had recently met online in a writing group
where I first began to explore my feelings and thoughts in a small forum
had created and crafted and painted this joy
Just for me
for me alone

I felt seen,
I felt valued
I felt loved.

To have the postman hand me a surprise parcel
To open it and discover this treasure of delight
Opened my heart.

It marked the beginning of a course
which I had shared with her
and said I felt it would open doors
and take me places
create dreams
bring dreams to life which I had not yet voiced or felt
or given shape or form or words.

and , it did.

I met new friends, joy sisters, magic sisters, I travelled to meet them in Massachusetts and Maine, and went to cook at  a Lake Retreat. 

and amazingly, it brought me to a new career of being a health coach, which I love, and from which I have already learnt so much.

This painting brings me joy every single day – thank you Jo xx

and to all those I have met since through Hannah Marcotti’s courses – thank you too!



Too much of a good thing can be wonderful – Absolute Time Off

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful – Mae West

Over the New Year period it came to me that my guiding word for 2015 was Epic – when I read it, I felt tingly all over with excitement . Epic – awesome, magnificent, wonderful, marvellous – yes please – I’ll have some of that..

I then feel like I went right into a feeling of complete stuckness, feeling overwhelmed, scattered – was I spreading myself too thinly? was I diversifying too much? having too many ideas? should I be focussing in on just one area and not many ??

Overwhelm led me to feelings of fear – what if none of my ideas worked? What if it wasn’t epic ? and, Oh! I have felt exhausted much of the time.

I had a dream that an old friend was telling me I needed to go on holiday , to go abroad, because ‘when you don’t have a break, you go down’ – the dream puzzled me, as I feel that I do try to take enough rest, and that I need to be working and not ‘taking a holiday’. I spoke to a wise friend Stacy, who helps people see the meaning of dreams ( http://www.themeaningfuldream.com/) and she suggested living each day ‘as if’ I was on holiday. That threw me into further confusion – what would that look like ? And then, I visioned and these beautiful pages appeared.

To me, right now, this is what living as if I was on holiday will feel like. Complete relaxation. Absolutely Time Off.

Switch off, disengage.

This afternoon  I spent time in front of the fire with two of my daughters, a sleeping cat, tea, and cake.

Tonight I will soak in the bath, tomorrow I am going for a massage.

Sunday I am learning Baby massage.

Chilling out – a difference I can feel…making space for Epic 2015 to come in.

Absolute Time Off is my ultimate self care right now.

How will you find Absolute Time Off this weekend?

IMG_0750 IMG_0751