Island Therapy

Island therapy

The Power of Visioning – when I made this page just over a month ago , I had perhaps an island hopping holiday in mind – a few days away…. now I hear that I have been invited as one of a team of therapists from Iris Cancer Partnership, to go to the island of Barra to work for a couple of days offering massage to people with cancer on the island, and will add on a couple of days to enjoy this stunning location.

Barra is a stunningly beautiful island in the Outer Hebrides, that has the worlds only beach runway for flights and is a 5 hour ferry ride from Oban, a lovely journey that can include sight of porpoises, basking sharks and dolphins.

I am going at the end of August, and I plan to fly out there in order to experience landing on the beach, and take the leisurely ferry journey back to the main land at the end of the trip, soaking up the views and gazing at the horizon.

This is the wonderful thing about visioning – I asked for island therapy – what I got is the opportunity to offer therapies on an island. My heart is full