How my Canadian trip evolved and why I took a detour to Boston first.

Way back in early January , just 6 months ago, I had no idea or intention or insight that I  may be travelling to Canada this year.

Having said that, 3 years ago, during my first Visioning course with Hannah Marcotti, I cut out some pictures of the Canadian rail road from a travel magazine ~the images spoke to me of adventure, freedom, travel and wide open spaces. I have always had a desire to see what was just around the next corner.  There was the odd Mountie and cowboy throw in ~ ( time alone will tell if one should materialise.) I now believe that this was sowing the seeds of this trip.

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I chose Epic as my guiding word for  the year, and though it gave me chills I had no idea how this year of 2015 was going to be Epic.

And then, on Jan 8th, I shared a vision page on facebook, which ,as often reflected my desire to spend more time near water, to go down to the sea. Suddenly, below this page, was a comment from my friend Tannis….



Spend summer at a Lake in Canada?? Moi ?? wow!!


And soon after that, Tannis wrote me ‘ if you are coming, and we hope you are, we’d like to take you on a  road trip across Canada, we have family in Kelowna and we are travelling to see them, and we would like to take you. Wow again! We will travel from Winnipeg to the Rockies and home again.

For several weeks I swithered, I hesitated, I was uncertain, I had doubts, my business was building up nicely – was it right to abandon it for the summer ?  Could I afford to? Could I, would I should I?

And then, I took Tisha Pletcher’s course Wanderlust, and it reignited my travel genes, my need to move and I knew in my heart that for this trip I would follow my heart and not my head. I said Yes.

Once I said Yes, numerous offers of accommodation and friendship came flooding in, as if by magic.

Kari in Vancouver asked me to stay with her, Jana is travelling from Texas to meet us, and that will be a gathering of friends with dancing in the kitchen, fun and laughter, conversations, a trip to Whistler and as yet unknown delights.

I contacted Bev, in Sasketchewan , my peer coach from my IIN health coach training, we spoke frequently and deeply for a year and never expected to meet in real life – I spoke of the road trip, we would be passing near by and could we have lunch – she asked me to stay for a week – I am going to help her declutter and she is going to feed me juices and fresh veg from her garden and we will do business review and planning IN REAL LIFE 🙂

I also hope to meet up with Shirley and Cheryl in Calgary, who I last saw in 1983 while travelling in Australia.  ( that would be a whole other post!)

I realised I could break my journey for a few days in Toronto, see the city and meet up with Sheila, Angie , Lisa , and that is happening this coming weekend. I can hardly wait.

Speaking to my good friend Liz , I shared how odd it would be to be flying West across the Atlantic and not be met by her at the airport as I had been the last couple of years of travelling to Boston following equally improbable trips to Kripalu, Cape Cod and a Lake retreat in Maine. Her  reply was ‘ We’ll come see you in Toronto and make it a family  holiday’ – I was so delighted that plans were coming together in a most wonderful way.

And then, Liz’s husband Eliot became unwell and was finally diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Their family life changed overnight  – from planning a family holiday to dealing with a hospital visits, chemo, medications and worrying ahead about the future, and getting through each day. ( Liz is going to be writing about all of this in her blog soon)

I sat with love and concern for Liz and her family, and with acute disappointment that I would not now see them and share the hugs and shoulder shaking laughter we enjoy.

Suddenly I knew that of course I could see them, by leaving early and taking a detour via Boston to their Littleton, MA home for a few days before travelling on to Toronto. And so, I changed my flight and took the now familiar journey here to what Liz calls my second home.

Spending time with Liz, offering reiki, head massage  sharing laughter and tears, visiting Eliot in hospital, chatting with Zach, sitting on her deck with coffee, enjoying her cooking and humour and admiring her resilience, this is what life is about, these precious shared moments.








14 thoughts on “How my Canadian trip evolved and why I took a detour to Boston first.

  1. Oh dear Mary! How wonderful to hear how this all came together, such joy! I know one day we too will be able to meet in person. 🙂 I’m so so happy for you and sad to hear about Liz’s family. My heart is with them. xoxoxo Jen


  2. “Once I said Yes, numerous offers of accommodation and friendship came flooding in, as if by magic.” That’s how it happens, right?

    I’m very touched that you first said YES to yourself, and then said YES to a dear friend. Permission is contagious and so lovely.

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  3. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? Thank you for sharing, and lot of love to your friend Liz and her family. (PS: I have heard so many stories over the years of how vision boards ‘come true’ – I don’t know why I haven’t got round to making a proper ones myself yet! Will get on it now – thanks for the inspiration!)


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