Gazing at the prairies & wherever I travel my home is right here in my heart 



 Unfamiliar horizons , fields of yellow and green,  wide big skies full of dark rolling rain clouds. Red barns, unexpected churches in the middle of a field , tractors, vintage tractor gatherings  and vast empty flatness , with no hills yet in the distance upon which to rest my eyes. 

Travelling next to the Canadian Pacific railroad. Very gradually overtaking the longest goods train I have ever ever seen.

Miles and miles of very straight road ahead 

I am thinking about how I an travelling through Canada and travelling through my days and travelling through my life. 
The spacious horizons and skies ,the fact that someone else is driving affords me the opportunity to journey inwards as well as across and through the landscape . 

And a reminder that wherever I travel , North South East or West, my home is right here in my heart .