What else am I not doing because I believe I can’t ? & Feeling Unlimited.


 During my stay in Winnipeg I was invited to attend a Paint Nite event where Tannis is the resident artist. 

When I saw the description of the event and the painting I would be creating I immediately thought it would be a fun evening , and that there would be no way on earth that I would be able to produce anything like that one . I have admired the work of others, I enjoy colouring in and find it relaxing, I create vision pages all the time , but paint ??? Me?? Nah, I’d avoid it like the plague.

Why ?? Is it something I can get wrong ? Would someone think ‘ who does she think she is ?’  What old stories am I listening to ? Who told me I couldn’t paint ? 

At age 12 in my first year of high school I achieved First Prize for Art. I guess I must have painted then. My main memory of that year is making a collage of a bonfire with a Guy Fawkes on top , using twigs and crepe paper , ribbons , wool and part of an old sack for the guy.  I really enjoyed the creating and I wonder when I stopped feeling I could create and be creative ..,I didn’t ever get another art prize and maybe that discouraged me. 
What else am I not doing ? what else are you not doing ? How do we limit ourselves because we think we can’t. 
I decided yesterday to choose another guiding word in addition to Epic, to take me through the remainder of 2015. 

I chose Unlimited – I will no longer limit myself. 
Today I passed this shop in Canmore, Alberta. It was called Unlimited. If confirmation was needed, I got it. I’m listening . Thank you . 




This bed, this bath , that view.

Intuitive energy healer Robin Hallett wisely advocates starting your day ‘ as if ‘ you were on vacation , and it is a suggestion I try to adhere to when I am at home. Not always as easy as it sounds but when I do manage to ease into the day instead of rushing into it, everything seems to unravel more smoothly. 
As of arrival here at Solara resort last night , I utterly feel as if I truly Am on vacation , and am absorbing the feelings of this divine setting and living space to take home with me , and to refer myself back to at busier and more stressful times

I want to remember this bed, and the sun on my face  through the open balcony door this morning .  I feel as if I slept on a cloud. 
   I want to remember this bath where I sank into and stayed a while at midnight last night  

And I want to remember this sunset last night  

And I won’t forget  

  dinner with friends I hadn’t seen for 30 years , since we met aged 24 travelling around Australia. 

And just for the record , not everything is perfectly rosy , as I have 5 mosquito bites on one ankle and 2 more bites where the sun don’t shine !!