This bed, this bath , that view.

Intuitive energy healer Robin Hallett wisely advocates starting your day ‘ as if ‘ you were on vacation , and it is a suggestion I try to adhere to when I am at home. Not always as easy as it sounds but when I do manage to ease into the day instead of rushing into it, everything seems to unravel more smoothly. 
As of arrival here at Solara resort last night , I utterly feel as if I truly Am on vacation , and am absorbing the feelings of this divine setting and living space to take home with me , and to refer myself back to at busier and more stressful times

I want to remember this bed, and the sun on my face  through the open balcony door this morning .  I feel as if I slept on a cloud. 
   I want to remember this bath where I sank into and stayed a while at midnight last night  

And I want to remember this sunset last night  

And I won’t forget  

  dinner with friends I hadn’t seen for 30 years , since we met aged 24 travelling around Australia. 

And just for the record , not everything is perfectly rosy , as I have 5 mosquito bites on one ankle and 2 more bites where the sun don’t shine !! 


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