Faith in myself 

Faith is a passionate intuition – William Wordsworth 

While I have been away on this trip, I have been writing Morning Pages most days. Getting all of my thoughts out onto paper. I have also happily and joyfully discovered my artistic creativity and ability with the guidance of my travelling companion Tannis Ross –

I realised this morning , as I woke and rushed right back to the art table in my PJ’s, that I have gifted myself the space, time and opportunity to explore  myself and 




 my creativity and as a result have released a feeling of ‘I can’t’ and replaced it with a passionate knowing that’ I can’. The act of art journalling is bringing me so much joy.

This realisation brings me so much faith in myself , and I can’t wait to see where this knowing takes me next in my life when I get home. 

For today , more lake time and then tonight on to a dance party in a kitchen in North Vancouver and a gondola ride in Whistler. 

Faith in myself feels good. 
‘Travel allows me to find the open bright future ‘ 


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