Vitamins are essential ingredients needed for the body to work properly.

I arrived to my friend Bev’s home in Prince Albert , Saskatchewan, feeling weary , achy, with a temperature, a bad cough, unable to use my voice without pain,  and a diagnosis of laryngitis. The next day I felt even worse as insect bites became swollen and infected and I needed a second course of antibiotics. Apart from having to pay for a medical appointment and medication, which made me appreciate our NHS so very much, I have since felt better and better every day.

With the help and care of Bev, and  of all of these vitamins , my body has been supported to return to working properly 🙂

Vit A – an Awareness that I needed to stop, and be still in one place, having lost count of the number of beds I have slept in and the miles and time zones and climate changes I travelled through.

Vit B- Banana icecream  ( recipe – 1 1/2  frozen bananas, add pineapple and almond  milk and chocolate whey powder – mix in processor or blender ) – so yummy. 

 Vit C – Conversations and connections

Vit D – a sweet little Dog named Missy, who gave me such love and affection on arrival – coming to me immediately to snuggle 

 Vit E _ Epsom baths – always my go to for restoring my body and my spirit

Vit F – Sitting by the Fire in the evenings – makes me want to make a firepit in my garden at home,   and  Fatburger -I have desired a perfect burger since I arrived here and finally found one last night 🙂

Vit G – Greens, greens,  greens- fresh from garden to plate – soooo good.  and Grace – we choose to stop and say grace before each meal and share what we are grateful for in that moment. 

Vit H – Feeling at Home, thanks Bev ❤ ( and I have been blessed to feel at home everywhere I have stayed 🙂 and of course Happy.

Vit I – from feeling Icky to feeling Inspired

Vit – J – Joy , always joy. and Journey

Vit K – Knowings – time to reflect on my inner and outer journeys and coming to a deeper self  knowledge

Vit L – Love and Laughter and Lemon , ginger and honey drinks first thing in the morning

Vit M -Moon – we held our own magical Blue Moon ceremony and watched the moon rise over the fire, and a gorgeous new Mug  

 Vit N – Nourishment, Nutrients, Nurturing

Vit O – Outside – all of the great Canadian outdoors

Vit P –  Perogies, my first tasting and savouring of these delights

Vit Q – Quality –  ingredients, cooking and company

Vit R – Raspberries, tiny sweet fresh raspberries from the garden, so good

Vit S- Sleep, deep healing restorative sleep, and Sun , glorious sunshine, and  delicious Seed bread.b

Vit T- Time – divine timing that I arrived here as I got sick and with a week visit planned , had time to heal and time to visit too.

Vit U – Unlimited – simply because this is my guiding word for the remainder of this year.

Vit V- Vitamins and Vegetables , so important and delicious and delightful and important to restore me to my Vivacious self

Vit W- Walking in the sun and warm breeze after several days of sleeping and slumping, such  a joy to feel like moving again

Vit X – Xtra special to spend time with Bev, as we peer coached each other all last year , while studying to be Health Coaches, and never Xpected to meet in person.

Vit Y – Yolk, the glorious yellow yolks of our breakfast eggs 

 Vit Z – Zest – I have renewed zest and zeal to continue my journey tomorrow as I return to my Winnipeg family tomorrow.
Thank you  to Bev, Bruce and Missy for my stay in Sasketchewan.