What would you do if you were given an unexpected hour of time ? ( with no wifi!)

Last Sunday, I arrived to work to find my first client had cancelled . I knew this but hadn’t written it down or kept it in my brain – no one to blame but myself .  I now had 75 minutes until my next client arrived.
I huffed and  puffed to myself for a few  minutes thinking of all I could have done at home if I hadn’t had to leave so soon . I could have finished the ironing , made a meal to come home to tonight , written a letter , heck I could have had a Sunday morning lie in ? ! I felt very grumpy and very cross with myself.

Then I gathered myself together  and thought ok what ‘are ‘ you going to do with the hour ?

It was raining heavily and I was not equipped to go for a walk.

I went over to the cafe and quietly enjoyed the best cup of coffee I’ve had in a long time . As the time approached 11am, I prayed and  kept 2 minutes silence in grateful memory . I thought about my grandfathers and great uncles in the wars and about my grandmothers at home waiting for them . And about the women whose men never came home again.  I thought about the times as a sea cadet where I stood with others on parade at the Cenotaph and first felt the gravity and the gratefulness to those who went before. Lest we forget.
Then I went to my therapy room and lay down on the couch and gave myself reiki for 20 minutes. I  listened to wonderful music . I breathed . I meditated .  I now felt relaxed present and more than ready for my next client . I let go of the ‘ I could have done ‘ , stopped berating myself and made the most of ‘can do’. I had a wonderful hour.

How would you spend an hour of unexpected time away from home ( with no wifi?!)