Light yourself up

Do you know what lights you up? Makes you feel sparkly and glow and warm from the inside out? Do you take time to do those things ? Do you follow your yes, your want?

I have thought this week that at times I feel like a lighthouse – at different times, I have guided someone, shone a light , helped steer back to safe water , and I see a reflected glow in their face of how I am feeling – and I realised that to be able to do this, to light others up, I first have to know how to, and take time to, light myself up.


I do this in a number of ways – I do a daily self reiki practice, and lately use the more ‘whooshy’ Seichem energy ,  I get as much sleep as I can, I drink lots of water, I stretch, I move, I love taking time to read or write poetry and recently to draw and sketch how I am feeling first thing in the morning – I have found that showing up to a blank sketch book has moved from being scary to being a really enjoyable practice and taking time to vision feels so important to me too.

One night this week, I came in from work, exhausted , and awfa grumpy – I had stopped to buy crusty bread and stinky cheese on my way home , and sat down to eat while catching up on facebook news of the day. I suddenly noticed how sluggish I felt, I was adding to the grumpy and not addressing it. I recalled my word of the year Vibrant, and knew I was not feeling it, or supporting myself to feel it.

I literally jumped up and went through to the kitchen, chose some pleasant back ground music,  and within minutes made a citrus and ginger juice, and felt the goodness swirling around my body. I then began gathering veg to make soup , and soon the smells and flavours in the kitchen were uplifting me  and bringing me back to Vibrant,


and I knew I had done right to  follow my intuition – the crusty bread and runny cheese were not the best choice that night.

So, sometimes I need to remind myself that I know how to light myself up , before I can pass that energy on to others



How do you light yourself up, fill your own well, top up your tea pot, bring back the extraordinary,  so that you have enough for yourself and for others?











Me Time

How and when do you claim your ‘me ‘ time , and what gets in the way ? Sometimes, it is only ourselves and our old stories that get in the way.

On Friday afternoon, I finished a session with a client around 1 pm, and he enquired what was next in my day- I had no further appointments booked in the afternoon and as I was driving homewards , I noticed that after an extremely wet start to the day, the sky was now blue and the sun was shining. I realised I had that ‘Friday feeling’ and that the day was mine to do with as I chose. What a privelege and what a joy.

My plan had been to go home and do my accounts and paperwork for the week. As I drove past the Riverside Museum in Glasgow and saw the masts of the tall ship Glenlee against the sky – I felt an old familiar urge to go down to the sea .. Continue reading