Sacred pause



Recently I  spent almost a week in Bristol, in the south west UK – 5 days of Deep Massage Training with David Lauterstein from Austin, Texas , with a travel day each side of the course. The course content was transformational for me – anatomy came alive and made sense in a way that it never did before -muscles began to make total sense and my confidence grew that I could be effective, not just in delivering a relaxing massage experience, but that I could deliver an efficient massage offering pain relief. At another level, the week was a very spiritual experience as we opened each day to a wonderful meditation, as David played his guitar, and discussed breathing, centring, our quality of touch, facilitating the client to release from the inside and take ownership of  their healing experience and so much more.

It has been some years since I landed alone in,  and set out to explore , and  discover , a brand new city and I remembered the power of how we grow through opening ourselves to new experiences, and limit ourselves if we don’t. While I was working at sea in my 20’s I explored so many different ports and cities in the world – I realised it had been a while and was delighted to remind myself how it felt.

One evening I set out and walked for 3 hours, discovering the city, absorbing new sights and choosing where to eat. I realise how often back home I tell myself the story that I don’t have time ,or am too tired to go for long walks and now I know I can – simply put one foot in front of another and discover where my feet take me – the benefits are huge.

As I left the flat where I had been staying with a friend, something prompted me to pause and take a photo of my feet – I had a strong feeling of stepping out in the new, of new beginnings, of wondering who I was now, after this experience, and with this new found knowledge and knowing,  and how will it change me.

The very next day, via a visioning prompt in Sheila Howe’s ( @The Willow’s Raven) #sacredmagic course, I realised that what I photographed was a sacred pause, and fully appreciated the value of stopping , take an inhale, let your breath exhale and then move into the day. ( Thank you Sheila )

I will simply add that the words ‘feel the magic’ literally jumped onto the image of my pause.

Where can you find, and take, a pause in your day today ?