Curiosity – the stories begin here

Two days ago I created a vision page in response to the question , what are you curious about ?
Sometimes when I vision, a page just falls together and as I cut and glued, I wrote the words ‘ I am curious to discover, if I went away to a cottage by myself, how would I spend my time? Would I watch the sky, listen to the wind and begin to write my stories ?’
Yesterday,I carried in from my garage several boxes of memories, diaries and letters and souvenirs from my travelling days ,and overnight a feeling has been growing that it is time to start my book, if only for my daughters and their families in the future.
Then a friend directed me to nanowrimo – National November Writing Month , and it feels as if events are pointing me in this direction. I’m excited, and a little scared too – I’ll keep you posted.



6 thoughts on “Curiosity – the stories begin here

  1. Sounds like a luscious legacy project in the making!!! I know your stories will be treasured by many, Mary, particularly your daughters. I can almost feel those memories, diaries, letters and souvenirs beckoning you. Can’t wait to watch it unfold.


  2. Mary sounds like the perfect time to start a beautiful lasting legacy for youself and your family. You have reminded me of the November writing challenge, I remember reading about it last year….hmmmmm…… might check this out…..! X


  3. I love when things seemingly just fall into place, pointing you in the direction that you know you need to go. A book of memories for you and your family sounds like a perfect starting point for everything that will come after!


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