Peering at 59 – this ‘Is’ my life


Here I am

Breathing, reflecting ,

6pm, on the eve of 59

Wondering what lies ahead for me

and what , if anything, might have changed,

12 months from now, or even 1 month from now.

Sit with me a while

It has taken some time to feel focused today,

But I am here now

My feet solidly planted on the floor,

My back straight,

My shoulders soft

and a smile playing on my lips and in the corners of my eyes.

I am here now

No longer waiting for anything,

Waiting for the beginning of this

or the ending of that,

I am not waiting

I am here anyway, and living my life

This ‘is ‘ my life

I am in it

Amidst the insomnia

the laundry

the achey neck,

the reports,

the cat litter

and that annoying hair which keeps re appearing on my chin.

I am here,

facing the future

making soup,

eating cake,

lighting the fire,

texting with friends,

listening to the wind

still blowing around the rooftops and rattling down the chimney

I am here,

Taking the next step, and then the next,

Steering my own boat,

I have got my own back

Shaking myself up when I need to

and when life sometimes shakes me unexpectedly

I know I will always land on my feet again,

and I can always alter my course and try a new direction,

I have done it before, and I can do it again.

I am here anyway

Seeking kindred spirits

Claiming my joy

Sharing my joy

I have learned how to recalibrate myself

face the future and in each moment, begin again

59 – I am ready for you 🙂