2018 – Steady as she goes



After thinking and waiting and reflecting, I have my guiding word for 2018 – Steady .

Steady  feels solid and safe , stable, consistent, soothing and calming , reassuring, settled.

It does not mean staying in one place; it means steady forward motion over the sometimes choppy sea of life in a seaworthy vessel.

I am not about setting goals and smashing them; that feels kinda painful to me , I am more about using what I already know and the skills I already have to set intentions for the year.

I have set my course for 2018 , and if and when required, I will adjust my sails. I am the Captain of my own ship, and I trust myself to know when i need  to :-

  •  course correct as required
  •  hoist extra sails , or take them in
  • increase to full steam ahead, or reduce to slow ahead
  • to seek safe harbour and drop my anchor for a while
  • take on board only quality fuel and ensure my engine is running smoothly

Mainly, I intend to savour my journey through 2018, take time to enjoy the scenery on the way, while ensuring I don’t lose sight of the distant shores I have set my sights on.

Supporting words are Savour , Rest,  Appraise , Intuition, and Deepen ( bearing in mind the ideas in this article http://www.raptitude.com/2017/12/go-deeper-not-wider/)

I will remember to Rest in between busy times, Appraise the horizon ahead, use my Intuition as true guidance, and Deepen knowledge and skills and habits I already have.

Previous guiding words have been

2017 – Exuberance and Stillness  – I experienced both , in good measure

2016 – Foundation and Whoosh – I built stable foundations and enjoyed lots of whoosh!

2015  – Epic – it totally was.

2014  – Vibrant – this was how I wanted to feel, and I often did.

2013  – Flow – I wanted to ‘ live like a river flows , carried by the surprise of its own unfolding’  < J O’D > , and life did indeed Flow.

* with thanks to Susannah Conway for Find your word 2018, and also guidance  from Rhian Lockard.