Safe presence

This week I have had a bad cold and had to reschedule some in person clients – I then had a request for a long distance / on line Recalibration Session, from a client who has already had 2 sessions and knew the benefits for her. I explained I had been unwell,  and may be sneezing, and she reassured me –

’ it is just your safe presence I need ‘



Oh, to see ourselves as others see us – her words helped me realise that part of what I offer is being a safe container for someone else to feel heard and listened to. Being deeply listened to is incredibly powerful – I remember the first time I experienced this, and it moved me to tears. I felt truly heard and validated and didn’t need someone to leap in with advice and fix me, I simply needed to be heard and know that my words and emotions were held.

Thankfully, by the time we spoke yesterday afternoon, I was able to hold the session without sneezing and coughing – some listening and hearing, some relaxation techniques and some distance Reiki shared, a plan made and the outcome I believe was a sense of relief and ease and hope.

If you are reading this and feel you would benefit from experiencing my safe presence, to feel emotionally held, please do get in touch.