At the end of October, in 6 weeks time, I will begin a year of training and learning with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. My aim is initially to improve my own health, stamina and wellbeing, and eventually find a way to integrate my knowledge and skills as a Health Coach with my currrent business Star Therapies. Whether that will be working one to one, with groups, or offering cookery classes ,or something else entirely, remains to be seen.

Massage therapy and reiki healing is my third choice of career. Initially I worked as Merchant Navy Deck Officer, when I travelled and saw a lot of the world. I was at sea for just over 11 years. This is when I first became aware of the benefits of massage for stress reduction and relaxation. After weeks at sea my first call ashore was often for a massage, which restored a sense of balance.
I then became a mother to three lovely daughters and developed an interest in child development and how children learn about the world through play,  which led to a career supporting families and staff in playgroups and toddler groups.

Now I hope to pass on to others the healing benefits I have personally gained from enjoying massage and reiki, and of  finally learning the benefits of taking time to nurture myself over the last few years.

I feel lucky and blessed that each career opportunity came along at the perfect time in my life and that I could embrace each one with joy.

Come with me as I explore the life that brought me here today, the life I have now, and as I move into my year with IIN, addressing my health and wellbeing through nutrition and how the multifaceted holistic approach ripples out into other areas of my life .






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  1. Hi there! What an exciting time! I have been in early childhood education for many years and have just become interested in nutrition and exercise as I am moving into my pre-retirement years. I look forward to reading your story.

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